dyslexia correction

The dyslexia correction program resolves difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, and/or penmanship (dysgraphia). Developed for children (approximately age 8 and above), teens, and adults.

Skills learned with the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program:

  • to create and monitor a focused state at will
  • to self-regulate energy levels to appropriately match the task at hand
  • to improve balance and coordination
  • to resolve confusions caused by alphabetical letters and punctuation
  • to understand one’s own learning style and recognize its gifts
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Strengthened left-to-right eye movement for accurate word decoding
  • Improved spelling skills
  • Ability to utilize one’s creative thought processes for letter and word mastery
  • Increased accuracy in reading: decrease of substitutions, insertions, and omissions
  • Improved fluency and word decoding abilities
  • Improved comprehension
  • Improved penmanship
  • Skills for transferring thoughts in the mind to words on paper