Davis® Attention Mastery Program

To provide a drug-free solution to ADD/ADHD
To address persistent characteristics associated with inattention and lack of focus
Recommended for students who have completed the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program, but need additional assistance to resolve areas of attention/focus
Recommended for students primarily motivated to resolve difficulties with attention, behavioral issues, and /or social interactions
Developed for children (approximately age 8 and above), teens, and adults

Skills learned and strengthened:

  • To create and monitor a focused state at will
  • To self-regulate energy levels to appropriately match the task at hand
  • To improve balance and coordination
  • To understand one’s own learning style and recognize its gifts
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Mastery and internalization of concepts directly related to problems with focusing, staying on task, organization, and social interactions
  • Acquire meaning for basic concepts: Self, Change, and Consequence
  • Acquire meaning for basic concepts: Cause/Effect, Before/After, Time, Sequence, Order vs. Disorder
  • Application of concepts to real-life situations