Picture Thinkers – Insights

The challenge with math facts for dyslexics
Time and time again I hear from parents who can’t understand why it seems impossible for their child to memorize the multiplication table and other math facts. The kids are stumped and the parents are pulling their hair out in frustration not knowing how to help. Rote memorization can be quite difficult for many dyslexics. Some schools use manipulatives when teaching multiplication, but require kids to move quickly to rote memorization for the times tables. Others use rhyming and clapping: a method, which asks a picture thinker to think with the sound of words, something that does not come naturally to them. What a picture thinker (dyslexic) needs is the ability to see the groups of numbers that they are quickly adding together (aka multiplying). Slow the process way down for them; it will take more time at first, but soon they will be able to see the patterns and understand multiplication, empowering them with math through the grades.
Here is an example: 4 X 6


This provides a picture the student can work with; also reinforcing the answer to the multiplication fact/groups which come before 4×6, i.e. 4×5, 4×4, 4×3, 4×2, 4×1.
The exercise should be done by the student when they are focused and can spend time playing with the manipulatives; arranging the items in a grouping that works for them, allowing them to visualize the multiplication process.